Berowra Trivia Quiz

These quizzes are designed around the Virtual Exhibitions hosted in the Museum Of Berowra. All of the information students should require in order to answer the questions is provided in the exhibitions, either in captions, panel labels or in the items on display themselves.

The Rules:

  • This is a team game. Divide your class into teams (boys versus girls, teams of 3 or4 etc)
  • Each question is read to the class and teams ‘buzz in’ by raising their hands.
  • The first team to raise their hand and provide the right answer is awarded a point.
  • Points are removed for calling answers out without your team being asked (the number removed is at the discretion of the teacher).
  • 1 point is removed for a wrong answer. 
  • The team with the highest number of points at the end of the game wins. We recommend a small prize such as a lolly, free time, winners choice of activity. Prizes are also at the discretion of teachers. 

Berowra School House - Quiz 1

Berowra School House - Quiz 2

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